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OPEN WITH ES OF BOXING ARENA AND AREA OUSIDE OF WITH PEOPLE WALKING IN SFX: CROWD CHEERING VO: Tonight, Tusks the Bull verses Bob the Gorilla 1 MS OF ANNCR STANDING NEXT TO BOXING RING BULL AND GORILLA APPEAR IN BACKGROUND WARMING UP ANNCR: Tusks will represent Elmer’s new product, Elmer’s Ultimate Glue in an effort to convince people to never settle for anything less than the best. Elmer’s opponent, Bob, represents Gorilla Glue 2 MONTAGE MS OF BULL FLEXING MUSCLES MS OF BULL WITHSTANDING RAIN CU BULL’S HAND HOLDING BROKEN CHAIR ANNCR VO: Elmer’s: forty percent stronger, one hundred percent waterproof, withholds a strong
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Unformatted text preview: grip keeping things safe. No wonder people choose Elmer’s 3 FS OF BOXING RING BULL AND GORILLA TAP GLOVES Let’s get this competition started 4 FS ARENA PED UP PAN RIGHT KEEP FIGHT CENTER BULL THROWS SEVEN PUNCHES AND KNOCKS GORILLA OUT Tusks looks strong out of the gates. Bob’s not strong enough. Oh ! That’s it folks! Bob’s down. 5 MS GORILLA KNOCKED OUT TILT UP FOCUS ON BULL WHO IS NOW WEARING A NUMBER ONE BLET Remember don’t settle for anything less than ultimate. Elmer’s Ultimate Glue, you do better with Elmer’s. 6...
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