Storyboard 3 - look at this view smell the air ah its...

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SHOOTING FOR A C CLIENT: DuraPRO _ JOB # 348682 _ PRODUCT: Tool tote . REVISION #: 2 _ CLIENT APPRV DATE: ___________ SUBMIT DATE: 11/23/09 _ VTR: XX _ ISCI # BCA 311 LENGTH: 30 _ TITLE: Anytime, anywhere, Tool tote AS PRODUCED: ________________
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SHOOTING FOR A C OBJECTIVE: To simply convince the hard working every day person that DuraPRO’s twenty-five piece set flashlight, the Tool tote can make his or her life easier anywhere at anytime of the day because of flashlight and tool kit it has. PRODUCTION NOTE: Fred should sound happy, full energy from the wilderness, and a bit cocky. Video Audio FS ON AL WITH FRED IN BACK GROUND TALKING WHILE STANDING ON A ROCK IN THE WILDERNESS CU ON FRED’S HAND REACHING IN BAG AND PULLING OUT THE TOOL TOTE MS ON FRED HOLDING UP THE TOOL TOTE IN HIS RIGHT HAND WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE FS ON AL AND FRED WITH FRED MOVING HIS HANDS IN THE AIR EXPLAINING THE TOOL TOTE FRED: Its getting dark out lets stop here,
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Unformatted text preview: look at this view, smell the air, ah its great. SFX: BIRDS CHIRPING AL: You bring what we need to set up camp? It’s getting late. FRED: Why yes I did. AL: That’s all you brought? FRED: Yea it’s DuraPRO’s product, the tool tote. AL: Looks like a flashlight. FRED: Does it Al? The tool tote’s not just a flash light, were talking about built in tool storage, T-ratchet handle that equips SHOOTING FOR A C JUMP CUT TO A FS ON AL AND FRED WITH A FULL TENT SET UP AT NIGHT TIME WITH TOOL TOTE’S FLASHLIGHT ON screw bits and drive sockets, by magnetic force of course. Lets set up camp. AL: Wow we got this done in no time. FRED: Don’t question my methods. Audio Video CS ON THE TOOL TOTE AT NIGHT TIME WITH CAMP FIRE IN THE BACKGROUND ANNCR VO: Pick up your DuraPRO tool tote, at any hardware store near you. Tool tote make life easier....
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Storyboard 3 - look at this view smell the air ah its...

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