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English 201 papers - Joe Wilmot ENG 101 2-24-09 Ethos,...

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Joe Wilmot ENG 101 2-24-09 Ethos, Logos, Pathos, and Fahrenheit 9/11 From beginning to end Michael Moore plays with are emotions by using music, peoples emotion, and comedic situations to lighten a dark mood that he projects on you. Moore goes through the film showing credible information from tons of sources to try and persuade us in believing his point of view of American politics. He uses logic when talking about Gore and why he didn’t win the 2000 election, and why Bush didn’t do anything, but read a book when we got attacked on September 11 th, and in many other scenes of the film. Ethos, logos, and pathos are used all over this film and in many different ways. In the film Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore effectively scatters ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade the audience’s opinions about his view on American politics. Ethos is basically how much credibility someone or something has, and it was used several times throughout Fahrenheit 9/11 . Moore tells in the film, “Washington Post said that Bush spent 42% of his time on vacation in the first 8 months at his Texas ranch.” I think of a newspaper as a pretty credible source most of the time, for the Washington Post to say that I would have a pretty hard time trying to a fight against their position. Moore tells us this to get us to believe his side of the argument and make him sound more credible throughout the rest of the film. Ethos is described from this scene in the film because the newspaper and Moore are taking away from Bush’s credibility.
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Moore wants us to gain his trust so therefore later on when he says something that is questionable we will be more likely to believe it. For example a source that is not credible, is The Fox News report proclaimed
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English 201 papers - Joe Wilmot ENG 101 2-24-09 Ethos,...

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