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Language Policy - Joe Wilmot 11-28-10 ENG 175 Language...

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Joe Wilmot 11-28-10 ENG 175 Language Policy Language is one of the most basic parts of society today. People everywhere on the glob use language to formulate communication, express ones emotion, reading, writing, and also use language in many other ways. There are hundreds of languages out there in the world in use today along with other languages that cease to exist in this day and age. There are also several different ways that people speak the same language based upon where they live. In some countries there is such thing as a “national language.” In Paris the national language is French, and if one doesn’t use the national language their government could fine them. America is becoming more and more diverse as time goes on and the languages vary all around the U.S. What happens when people start to wonder what America’s primary language is? The United States is so diverse but with most people speaking English, having an official language structure would affect a lot of people and since this is a blending pot of a country there is absolutely no reason to have a national language. This is a blending pot of a country that welcomes diversity (for the most part) and would cause a lot of chaos if there were an official policy on the U.S.’s language. America has been a country that immigrants travel to for settlement and for a better life. This is the land of opportunity and has the philosophy that you can work your way to the top. It doesn’t matter what language you speak as long as you’re a good American and contribute to society. The U.S. was also built on people from all different regions, starting with the Native Americans and the
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Language Policy - Joe Wilmot 11-28-10 ENG 175 Language...

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