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ENG 201 Annotative Bib - Wilmot 1 Joe Wilmot Kenlea Pebbles...

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Wilmot 1 Joe Wilmot Kenlea Pebbles ENG 201 3-23-10 "Immigration Enforcement in Ariz. Could Toughen - Crime & Courts- Msnbc.com." Msnbc.com . Web. 24 Mar. 2010. <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31475775>. This article talks about how Arizona has a plan to come up with a law that toughens up even more on the illegal immigrants and charge them by the state. The big problem with that disclosed in the article is that it would lead to racial profiling for officers that aren’t trained in the immigration law. Talks about problems that would occur based on racial profiling and how communities could be exposed to liabilities if mistakes were made. Then goes on to talk about how states don’t have enough power to deal with illegal immigrants when they get them. This article contains many quotes from people that helps shows both sides of the argument of the new law, but leans heavily towards supporting it. I think that this is just another dumb law that America feels like they need to make, because they are bored. This is an informative article of something that might happen and has no other meaning, other than just a proposed idea that is being looked at. They leave out the details about how much it would cost Americans in tax money to keep these immigrants in jail and doesn’t talk about the current system and what is being done now at all. Overall I believe that this article is lacking in some areas doesn’t do a good job at telling the audience what might be happening and fails to capture my attention. "Community Torn Apart by Immigration Raid - Race & Ethnicity- Msnbc.com." Msnbc.com . Web. 24 Mar. 2010. <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27091738/>. This is a tear-jerking article that tells the story of 29-year-old Lopez whose entire life was changed when federal agents came to the plant and arrested 330 illegal immigrants. She will most likely be deported like her husband three years ago. She talked about how she was peaceful, happy, and felt safe in America. How her sons would grow up and have a better life here, she wouldn’t have to eat dirt and grass in here if she was hungry, and how she will probably never see her sons again since they were born in the US were all main points that really made me feel bad for Lopez. Unlike the “Immigration Enforcement in Arizona” article this one defiantly captures my attention, but in a totally different way then I originally thought. This had a deep emotional factor in it that drew me in and really let me know the story of Lopez. I felt for her and her family, a lot of quotes were used from Lopez to get the message through to the audience. This article was put together a lot better then the previous one and tells the story of an immigrant,
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Wilmot 2 rather then from an American perspective like the last article. This doesn’t really talk about the other 329 people, but just tells one of the many stories that they all have. "Immigration Crackdown Impacts Farmers - Whose America? Msnbc.com."
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ENG 201 Annotative Bib - Wilmot 1 Joe Wilmot Kenlea Pebbles...

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