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ENG 201 Fariy Tale paper

ENG 201 Fariy Tale paper - Wilmot 1 Joseph Wilmot Kenlea...

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Wilmot 1 Joseph Wilmot Kenlea Pebbles ENG 201 26 February 2010 Beauty and the Beast Fairy tales have been around for ages and have entertained audiences while sending an overall concept, whether it be a general message or a combination of significant traits that hold there own meaning. In some fairy tales the message can be, don’t trust strangers, resist temptation, things aren’t always as they seem, and many more. Some specific are colors and there meaning to the story, the woods in relation to life, or a specific item in the story that holds a deeper meaning than originally presented. One fairy tale that holds all these elements is Beauty and the Beast. The fairy, red rose, and beauty being found within, are all traits that are present in all versions of this fairy tale and hold several different meanings that all relay one common concept. “Beauty and the Beast” by Walter Crane tells the story from a more traditional perspective that delivers a strong overall message about inner beauty. In summary, this is about a rich merchant who has three daughters and sons; the youngest daughter was nicknamed “Beauty” because of her pure of heart character and the fact that she was also beautiful. The father takes a trip into the woods to search for his lost fortune. His two selfish daughters ask him to bring them back clothes, jewelry, and other riches, but Beauty asks for a rose. The merchant ends up running into a palace on the way back, where he stays for shelter. He leaves the next day, but as he leaves he sees a patch of roses and takes a few of them for Beauty.
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Wilmot 2 The Beast then arrives and they make a deal that he shall return in three months with either him or one of his daughters to be sacrifice for his deed. Beauty being the kind pure hearted person she is, offers her for what she has caused her father. Beauty ends up going and spending much time with the Beast and he grows fond of her. The Beast asks every night if she will marry him, but she keeps saying “no.” The Beast, also being the kind, gentle-hearted creature he is lets her go back to see her father who is sick, she says that she will return in a week. Beauty stays an extra day at home and breaks the Beast’s promise. She has a dream that she has caused the Beast grief, also realizing that no matter the look of the Beast that she will be the happiest with him and his pure heart. Beauty returns to find him dying in the garden; she cries and tells him that she does love him and will marry him. The Beast turns back into a prince and tells how a fairy transformed him into a beast until true love would find him. The fairy returns and turns Beauty’s two sisters into statues outside the castle so they always have to see their sister happy. The fairy say’s “You shall stand as statues at the door of her palace, and when you repent of and have amended your faults, you shall become women again. But, to tell you the truth, I very much fear you will remain statues for ever.”
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ENG 201 Fariy Tale paper - Wilmot 1 Joseph Wilmot Kenlea...

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