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Wilmot 1 Joseph Wilmot ENG 201 4-27-10 Kenlea Pebbles In today’s society people of all ages and generations are exposed to violence in the media, whether it’s from movies, the news, TV shows, or video games. Could being exposed to all this violence have an effect on the brain and cause for desensitization to violence? I am here to say yes and focus on one particular medium. Video games, they have been a huge part of society since the early 90s and the amount of violence in them has only increased with time. People who play video games actively expose themselves to the violent content and can be unaware about the damage done to the brain by constant exposure. Violent video games do affect the brain and desensitize their natural instincts about violence, which leads to an increase in human aggression. American society can all be summed up by just two words, money and time. How is this relative to video games? Video games can cost a lot of money and can eat up a child’s attention for long periods of time. This makes parents buy their kids video games because it distracts the kids and allows the parents to get their work done. Not only that, but they can be used as a reward to make them happy, and sometimes be forced into buying a game because all the other kids on the street already have a particular game, no parent wants their kid to be left out. Games have managed to sneak their way into everyday life for everyone in American society. This has caused children to have less of a childhood with friends and increased their time sitting alone in front of a TV or computer screen, which is also not good for health. Now if that’s not bad enough, imagine a kid playing a violent video game for hours at a time and killing creatures or people in it without remorse.
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Wilmot 2 Joseph Wilmot ENG 201 4-27-10 Kenlea Pebbles Watching or causing violence at hours at a time through video games is obviously not good, but why is it not good? There’s a word called desensitize, and it’s defined in Webster’s Dictionary as to make a sensitized or hypersensitive individual insensitive or nonreactive to a sensitizing agent. Which can be translated as making an emotional feeling disappear or to have a lack of emotional presence after previous exposure once or several times. It’s like doing anything special for the first time, and then after the first time the emotional aspect is usually never as high as it was. Becoming desensitized can not only happen with video games, but anything that is done repeatedly over time. So when playing violent video games for hours at end, death, blood, and fighting become more of a norm and lose the exhilarating feeling of playing the game for the first time, which then could cause for a child or person to seek out aggression or violence of some sort in everyday life. Desensitization to violence through video games is a theory that some people claim is not
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Violent Video Games ENG 201 - Wilmot 1 Joseph Wilmot ENG...

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