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Joseph Wilmot BCA 520Q 8-4-2010 Forbidden Hollywood: Final Exam Thousands of films have been made that express artist’s views on subjects, stories, and magical worlds that once were only created inside our minds. What started out as a new invention transformed into the silent era, which grew to sound and so on and so forth. Now our society has movies making millions of dollars at box offices; from it’s very beginning movies have been one of societies biggest ways of entertainment along music. For the most part movies today are made mostly to please the audience and attract the majority of people to come and see them. Doing so takes away for a director’s option to make a movie exactly how they want to. When there is good contrast between a directors virtual idea and the aspects that it has that can potentially appeal to many forms of different audiences, there makes good ground for a movie to be viewed a masterpiece. In my opinion if a director attempts to deviate from the norm and throws his whole idea into a film while trying to appeal to many forms of audiences and have it fail miserably while creating a ever lasting impression, that makes ground for a film to be known as a misunderstood masterpiece, “Freaks ,” “The Devils ,” “Mandingo, ” and “Showgirls, ” are all prime time examples of films that fit into this category. Nonetheless there is reason “Freaks ,” “The Devils ,” “Mandingo ,” and Showgirls ,” can all be viewed as misunderstood masterpieces. There is some particular element that makes each of these films a form individual and deviate from anything else. There is no comparison and nothing they measure against. They fall into a category of their own. This should at least make their companies feel a little better about themselves for producing such atrocities for the basic audiences. 1
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To understand what a misunderstood masterpiece is one must know what makes a film a real masterpiece. In the opening I briefly touched on what makes a movie a masterpiece, the ability to create good contrast between a director’s virtual idea and the aspects that it has that may potentially appeal to many forms of different audiences. If a director brings these entire elements surface and the audience loves it, this leaves an impression in their mind that they’ll never forget. Some aspect about the film deviates from the norm and stands out among the rest to create a forever lasting impression about the film. That is the definition of a masterpiece. A misunderstood masterpiece as I define it is a film that bends out of normality; it breaks that chain and presents itself as a wrong idea. What do I mean by a wrong idea? This is simply the ability to take something that is politically, socially, morally, religiously wrong and present it in a cinematic form that makes audiences appalled, disturbed, and angry of the fact that someone would take the time and effort to get a film like that out to the public. A misunderstood
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Forbidden Hollywood 2 - Joseph Wilmot BCA 520Q 1 Forbidden...

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