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Joseph Wilmot RPL-318 06-06-2011 Dean Wallin The Disney Adventure A: Working Experience 1) The area that my working experience was heavily concentrated in was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Primary locating was at The Hollywood Tower Hotel, also known as The Tower Of Terror. That was where I was first trained and where I spent most of my days. My job was in attractions and what better way to spend it working as one of the bellhops that have been locked inside the hotel since 1939 when there was a tragic accident with the elevators during a thunderstorm. My position was based on a piece of paper that included Greeter, Check-in, Library, Load, Walker, Unload, and Booking. We were all based on a rotation that went out about every forty-five minutes. Staying in theme was part of the job when interacting with guests. Another place that I was trained was for the Disney Channel Rocks show, the three o’clock parade, and for the magical journey inside Mickey’s imagination known to everyone as Fantazmic. Both locations were on Sunset Boulevard. Both jobs had different requirements based on the time of day and circumstances. 2) Orientation was an adventure, jumping right into the ring, learning the Disney point (two fingers), the four keys (Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency), Walt Disney history, and the history of the company and where they are today. From my perspective orientation was fun, early in the morning (that could have been changed). Disney accomplished a lot for the time they had to educate us in orientation and I thought they presented the material in a great manner, that being energetic and video presentations. If there was one thing they could of done better it would have had to be the boring, out of date, computer program that taught us the College program students (AKA CPs) about safety. Training was more stressful than fun. Arrive at costuming,
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Page 2 start training, finish after four days, and the fifth day I put together all the information from training to take the assessment and pass it. When I first started training my trainer didn’t waste any time and threw me right into the heat of the action with on the spot interactions and character responses for the guests. I was not that much for talking in front of crowds and being the center of attention, but that soon changed after a while of working. I began to excel in that area for me personally. Safety procedures, fire alarms, high-rise, low rise, Charlie and Foxtrot side, and knowing the hotel from inside to out. I felt like training was great, no deductions or additions, I had a great trainer. 3) The supervision at my work place was unnoticeable most of the time. There were a few times managers would come watch you perform, happened to me about four times my whole program. Coordinators were the main people doing the supervising. There was at least one around any area
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Disney Experience - Joseph Wilmot RPL-318 Dean Wallin The...

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