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TAI Journal Entrys - Joe Wilmot TAI 182 Journal Entrys...

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Unformatted text preview: Joe Wilmot TAI 182 Journal Entrys 1-16-09 This week, which is my first in TAI, was a great, fun, and learning week. On Monday we learned each others names and walked around the room, getting to know it a little better. We got in positions that we were comfortable with, and learned a skill called staying in the neutral position; we could do a lot of things out of. After we all got in that position we curled up by starting with the head, then back, and finally the legs. Then we rolled out of that position while inhaling and exhaling. We did that a few more times then got a handout and read first page of the handout. Which was about an actor and director. On Tuesday we turned in are ticket into class and then took off are shoes. We got in a circle got are numbers and did an activity were we walked around the class saving people that were dying. As there number was called they had to die so we all had to catch them. So we became closer as a class. Then we got in the neutral position again and breathed in and out. At the end of class we talked about the whole hand out that we got on Monday. Today/Friday we talked about the article in a group, then with the class. We learned a new skill called tangible action. Which is a real activity on stage in course of verbal or nonverbal performance, also a secondary action, has a beginning middle and end. We had people go in front of the class and show us their tangible action. We didnt get all the way through so Monday we will finish the rest. 1-21-09 Today in TAI we started off by saying were hear with a verbal gesture. We all answered like pirates. We followed that up by walking around the room filling open spaces then stretching, and breathing heavy. Then we detached the string from are head and went around shaking peoples hands half standing and half slumped. We talked about how it made us feel. Then we finished are tangible actions from last Friday, it was challenging to show no color in them. Then we talked about blocking for a little bit and added that tool of acting to are tool belt. 1-23-09 Today in TAI we answered the attendance call with an animal sound. Then we stretched and breathed heavy. After that we started walking filling open spaces. Then we did this thing called a focus walk, it is where we have to walk around and look at people without showing any color. It was hard because I laughed a couple times, but I got better as time went by. We finished are tangible actions from Wednesdays class. Then we learned about blocking, we had a demonstration of what to do. The blocking was walking to the middle of the room, folding a bandana, then tying it on are head. No one got it exactly right, so that was a big challenge. We learned how precise we got to be when blocking. Then after everyone went, she had four people add color to the blocking and we saw how that worked. Then class was over....
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TAI Journal Entrys - Joe Wilmot TAI 182 Journal Entrys...

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