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TAI 302 Journal Entries - Joe Wilmot TAI 302 TAI 302...

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Joe Wilmot TAI 302 9/2/10 TAI 302 Journal Entries Practice Fitzmaurice, Gurning, and Outlandish 3x-Answer these questions: 1. Describe reaction to the work-what is challenging? 2. Did you tremor? What effect did it have on your breath? When you relaxed afterwards, did you notice areas that were more released that when you began? 3. When doing Outlandish, did you experiment with as many different obstreunts & phthongs as possible? What discoveries did you make? First entry- 9/2/10, 9:10 am 1) For the yoga parts, it was relaxing, not difficult, but made me want to go back to bed. It was challenging for the gurning and outlandish parts, I was trying to not be too loud. 2) The Tremor was a lot stronger then in class yesterday. I did it the same but noticed my hips were moving a lot more then they ever did before. Whenever I do the yoga stretches it is hard to concentrate on the breath, when I do it becomes harder. I usually take short breaths when stretching. My legs felt really relaxed, as they
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TAI 302 Journal Entries - Joe Wilmot TAI 302 TAI 302...

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