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AMSR Article Excerpt 9_6_2011

AMSR Article Excerpt 9_6_2011 - softer lows were a nuisance...

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From an article in the Academy of Marketing Science Review (1998): “The idea that the superior product will win out in the marketplace pervades much of the product development literature (e.g., Cooper 1987; Gruenwald 1985; Kleinschmidt and Cooper 1991). However, the history of technology is full of examples that contradict this notion (Loudon and Della Bitta 1994). Sony's BetaMax, considered by many to be a better machine (Perry 1988; Cusumano, Mylonadis, and Rosenbloom 1992), lost the market to the VHS format videocassette player largely due to not meeting the needs of consumers. Similarly, compact disk technology provides unparalleled sound reproduction capabilities, including increased dynamic range. Yet, for many consumers, louder highs and
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Unformatted text preview: softer lows were a nuisance. Soon, compact disk players incorporated a 'CD-r' button, to provide for a reduction in dynamic range for certain listening environments such as automobiles. This ironic situation shows how product attribute superiority does not always lead to customer satisfaction…There are countless examples of functionally sound designs that are extremely consumer hostile. Many product developers seek advantage through sophisticated technologies without concern for whether or not consumers desire or perceive the advantages inherent in the technologies (Perry 1988; Cosumano, Mylonadis, and Rosenbloom 1992)....
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