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Attractions are central to tourism Attraction is a person place thing or event that is intended to attract A site, event, or person that has the capacity to motivate persons to gravitate towards it or them The pull of the site, event or person The ability of the person thusly targeted to move Important? Demand- provides motivation to travel Supply- provides employment and generates revenue Capture and showcase a part of our culture both historical and popular Attractions run the gamut Edutainment- far left = entertainment; far right= education Heritage Attractions Heritage tourism involves travel to sites that in some way represent or celebrate an area, community, or people’s history, identity, or inheritance. Heritage attractions are typically divided into three categories
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Unformatted text preview: Natural Miami beach, the Everglades, Harry P. Leu gardens Cultural Music festivals, Orlando philharmonic, Bob Carr PAC Built Downtown Historic Orlando, Museum, Science center Theme Parks Relatively new Date back to the 17 th century Pleasure Gardens of England and France 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair The first ride Rooted in fairs, carnivals, amusement parks (medieval Europe) Beyond the concept of an amusement park or fair where the focus is on individually priced rides/experiences Aim to create an atmosphere of another place and time Have one dominant theme around which architecture, landscaping, costumed persons, rides, shows, food services and merchandising are all coordinated Magic Kingdom is the best theme park ever! Only park built correctly....
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