Beverages - Filtering – Fining Clarifying Bottling...

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Beverages Types of Wines Wine is fermented juice of grapes Light beverage wines (White, Rose, and Red) Sparkling Wines (Champagne) Fortified Wines (sherry, Port, and Madeira) Have brandy or wine alcohol added Vocabulary Varietal Type of grape from which wines are made, and for which they are named Vintage Year in which a wine’s grapes were harvested Light Table Wines Red Wines Made from red grapes Coloring from grape skins Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir Rose (Blush) Actually a category of red Remove skin early in fermentation White Wines Made from white grapes Age and mature faster Riesling Chenin Blanc How Wine is Made Harvesting Crushing- a mixture of grape pulp, skins, seeds, and stems Fermenting- a chemical process by which yeast acts on sugar to produce alcohol and CO2
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Unformatted text preview: Filtering – Fining; Clarifying; Bottling Racking Maturing – Aging a wine Relationships to food White wines Poultry, fish, and egg entrees Red wines Any game or red meat Sparkling wines Any course, from dry to sweet The heavier the food, the heavier the wine Wine Producing Regions Europe France Bordeaux and Burgundy Champagne and Cognac Italy Chianti Germany Riesling Spain Sherry Portugal Beverages Port America California North and central Coast Great central Valley Southern California New York Oregon and Washington Canada Australia South America South Africa Beer...
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Beverages - Filtering – Fining Clarifying Bottling...

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