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Food and Beverage - Examples Pastry chef fish chef and...

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Food & Beverage Divisions Kitchen- food production takes place Catering- sell special events Banquet- work special events Restaurants- self explanatory Room Service Minibars Lounges Bars Stewarding Skills Leadership Training Motivation Budgeting Cost Control And much more Kitchen Organization Executive Chef Responsible for guest satisfaction Ensures food quality and consistency Sous Chef Second in command Day to Day operations Chef Tournant Rotates through kitchen Relieves Chef de Partie Chef de Partie Responsible for different areas within the kitchen
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Unformatted text preview: Examples: Pastry chef, fish chef, and Banquet Chef Food Costs Typical food cost ratio is 28% to 32% Cost of Food / Food Sales = Food Cost Restaurants Number and type depend on type/service of hotel Typically run by a restaurant manager Must promote restaurant to hotel guests Bars Place to relax and socialize for both business and pleasure Profit percentage for beverage is higher than food profit center Efficiency based on pour/cost percentage 16 to 24% pour/cost percentage...
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