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Hospitality Elementary and Secondary Schools Schools National school lunch program feeds 25 million children daily Good nutrition is the key Potential market for fast food chains Preparation varies amongst schools Colleges and Universities Residence halls Cafeteria’s Student Unions Faculty Clubs Convenience Stores Administrative Catering Outside Catering Health Care Facilities Hospitals Extended life facilities Retirement centers Major growth segment is the senior citizen market ARAMARK, COMPAS, and SODEXO Healthcare Challenge because of special meal requirements
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Unformatted text preview: Economic pressures of health care Use of sous vide and cook chill methods (flash-freezing) Increased market share of contractors Use of major quick-service chains Business and Industry Contractors Self-operators 80% of B&I is contracted 30000 units nationwide Compass group Trends in Managed Services Increased use of Campus cards and Food-to-go Proliferation of branded concepts Development of home meal replacement 24 hour food service...
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