What area of hospitality will i pursue

What area of hospitality will i pursue - Delgado 1...

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Delgado 1 Alexander Delgado Professor Scott Smith HFT 1000 30 November 2009 What career of the hospitality industry would I pursue and why? Being hospitable seems like such a simple and menial task that many people who pursue this act realize the vast amount of effort involved with planning and executing the process. The hospitality industry encompasses various aspects, such as the cruise line industry and the hotel industry. However, many people tend to overlook special events as belonging to the party of hospitality. The events management industry is a steady market that continues to exist due to the heavily rising number of people letting someone else plan their weddings or quinceañeras. As mentioned within the text, “event planning refers to a career path in the growing field of special events.”(Walker 413) I intend to provide an exemplary view as an event planner and provide the highest level of customer service to my clients. I have chosen this facet of the hospitality industry simply because of its spontaneity, my passion for planning, my previous experiences, and the potential social network I could be involved with. To begin with, as like any other job within the hospitality industry, event planning is a 24/7 job, requiring me to be fully available to any and all of my clients needs at any time of the day. This may seem like an arduous task, but there is an upside. Going into this industry, one can
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What area of hospitality will i pursue - Delgado 1...

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