Sociology 9-28 - Biological Explanations Genetic...

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Biological Explanations Genetic Predispositions- people were born to be criminals Phrenology- people with mishapen heads were determined to be criminals Body Type- body shape determines criminal tendencies Endomorph- plump and pear shaped Ectomorph- tall and lanky Mesomorph- slender build Low Intelligence- those with low IQ tended to be criminals XYY Theory- criminals had extra y chromosome Psychological Explanations Within the individual- personal experiences Personality Disorders- those with tourettes or split personalities tended to be criminals Anti-social Personalities- people who don’t feel guilt or remorse Sociological From outside the individual- environmental aspects contributing to experiences Social influences “recruit” individuals for criminal behavior Socialization, subcultural membership, and social class- social influences Differential Association; Edwin Sutherland We learn criminal behavior through our surroundings like family Delinquency is clustered within neighborhoods People learn definitions favorable or unfavorable to breaking the law Determine b/w good + bad
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Sociology 9-28 - Biological Explanations Genetic...

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