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Strawman: A strawman is defined as the seed of an idea, a baseline from which to initiate dialogue, an initial concept, and the basic form of an idea that needs to be fully fleshed out. A strawman is your presentation of a topic or issue that ignites your passion. You want a colleague to poke holes in it, to question and criticize it, to take pieces of straw out and examine it more closely, and to challenge you to defend it. The strawman you create will contain the following elements: Description of a topic or issue that ignites your passion or triggers your enthusiasm to explore. Explanation of why this topic or issue is a significant problem An argument that attempts to convince your colleagues why your hypothetical solution or response to the problem is viable. Your strawman paper should be between 750 and 900 words. Read your colleague’s paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Respond to your colleague’s postings, keeping in mind the qualities and characteristics of a critical friend, in one or more of the following suggested ways: • Suggest why you might see things differently. • Ask a probing or clarifying question. • Share an insight from having read the colleague's posting. • Offer and support an opinion. • Validate an idea with your own experience. • Make a suggestion. • Expand on the colleague's posting. Review and Reflect on the responses to your original paper. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments made by your colleague. Also consider how your insights/learning might impact your future actions. Your Review & Reflect should be around 500 words or one FULL page in length! ENC 1102 Core 2 Activity Briggs...
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