Letter to Soldier - fend for myself But I did not do it alone A key factor in growing up is finding friends These acquaintances mellow out the

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October 19, 2010 Living away from home is hard. Many are forced to or choose to do so. Life as a college kid can’t be anything compared to as life as soldier, but the longing for a loving family is quite comparable. For my first year of college, I moved away from home. It was different; very different. I had to pay for everything myself. I did not have the luxuries as most other college bound kids had. I paid for my rent, food, and transportation. It wasn’t easy. The first week seemed so long. I missed my parents and my little sister. Not being able to talk with them face-to-face was horrible. E-mail and text messages did not suffice. However, I knew I had to grow up. Separating yourself from family is a process of life that every living being must do to discover one’s self. I had to budget my money, find a job, and
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Unformatted text preview: fend for myself. But I did not do it alone. A key factor in growing up is finding friends. These acquaintances mellow out the tortures of separation. They provide the care and compassion your family couldn’t provide you at the moment. Friends are necessary to live, for we are social beings; even in the battlefield. Without someone to rely upon for emotional distress, people would go insane. Therefore, please understand that there is hope. Don’t stress too much for there are many individuals across the sea that would gladly share in your distraught. You can count on the people you are fighting for. That’s what American citizens do for fellow soldiers. Sincerely, Alexander Delgado...
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