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Delgado 1 Alexander Delgado Professor Debra Briggs ENC 1102 09 September 2010 Page 1014 Question #5 By acknowledging the potential counter arguments to each claim he makes about Islam in American culture, D’Souza confirms his stand on the issue and concocts a solution to each rebuttal. He prepares for what the reader may think and, in turn, strengthens his argument to meet his need. For example, in paragraph 24, D’Souza mentions that “In a crisis [. ..] the national tribe comes together” and “a deep national unity […] holds us together.” Nevertheless, in paragraph 25, D’Souza counteracts his previous claim by saying “Unity, however, is not sufficient for the challenges ahead.” In a way, he guides the reader to follow his mindset and forces a clear message, but rhetorically, D’Souza plays the field and empowers his arguments with predicted rebuttals. His juxtaposition of such opposing topics challenges the reader to
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Unformatted text preview: continue reading and inspires contemplation of the Islamic influence in American culture. Page 172 Question #4 Claim: Eric Smallridge is sincere in the remorse he felt towards his victim’s families. Qualifier: It is possible that his time in jail has changed who he is. Good Reasons: He shows sympathy towards the whole family. He can promote DUI PSA’s with personal anecdotes. Warrants: Under Florida law, Smallridge could receive a full 30 years in prison. Delgado 2 Backing: Smallridge drove under the influence, which impaired his judgement, and killed two women. Evidence: Smallridge’s BAC was well above the legal limit. Many people fall victim to driving under the influence. Authority: Cite the local Medical Examiner Conditions of Rebuttal: He may be faking all of his remorse just to get out of jail early. Response: Smallridge’s testimony was truly heartfelt....
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Page 172 and 1003 - continue reading and inspires...

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