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Delgado 1 Alexander Delgado Professor Debra Briggs ENC 1102 23 September 2010 Page 836 Question #4 In Deborah Tannen’s article concerning the interpersonal relationships between mothers and daughter, she supports her claim with many interviews, observations, and personal experiences as evidence. These types of evidence are quite appropriate for her article, because she explains from her interviews what really happens when a mother and a daughter react and interact. For example, she interviewed one of her students and referenced her responses in the
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Unformatted text preview: article. Personal experience also plays a key role in her article since she herself has a daughter and stems many viewpoints and ideals back to her relationship with her child. Her observations only enforced her claim and her personal experiences. Other types of evidence may not have been as appropriate, such as surveys or experiments, due to the nature of her argument and the claim Tannen was making about the difficulty of interaction between a mother and a daughter....
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