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Delgado 1 Alexander Delgado Professor Debra Briggs ENC 1102 14 September 2010 Page 874 Question #2 Commencement addresses are called as such for the motivation the speech gives to its listeners to commence their new lives. It is a lecture to inspire and promote well being and good work ethic. All commencement addresses should include epideictic arguments for the purpose to promote certain values and praise responsibility. Forensic arguments may be included to give testimonials and to teach a new lesson. Deliberative arguments may also be present to motivate a crowd to make well-thought decisions and possibly make a future difference. Politicians and
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Unformatted text preview: political strategists definitely use deliberative arguments to promote their campaign and to instill a certain ideal in these future voters. University administrators would definitely promote forensic arguments to show what past alumni have accomplished and to show what may lie ahead for these graduates. Graduate students and their families may benefit from epideictic arguments to endorse great attributes such as responsibility and integrity. These addresses are composed of simple staples of communication to show the true arguments and their notions....
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