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Question 4 - continue to invoke the idea that “sex...

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Delgado 1 Alexander Delgado Professor Debra Briggs ENC 1102 31 August 2010 Question #4 Pages 828-829 Sin and virtue are held at a most seemingly high value among those who tend to shy away from secular society. In a morally ideal world, sin should be looked down upon and virtue should be praised. However, the contrary applies in today’s world. Steve Rushin wrote an article explaining this exact concept in the June 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated. Though this piece was published 11 years ago, the message still rings clear. The vast majority of people are praising ideals such as sexuality and cynicism. Television ads are, many times, sexual in nature and
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Unformatted text preview: continue to invoke the idea that “sex sells.” Rushin explains that “people now feel shame for their virtues” and “no shame for their sins.” Being kindhearted can be compared to being a person who wears a bright pink leotard in public. It is abnormal to show sympathy for someone, especially in the United States, where a capitalistic society promotes the individual and not the whole. This is one of the sad natures among society and one that needs to be undone....
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