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Egypt - Everything that exists is existing for a purpose...

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WOH 2012 – January 21, 2010 Egypt Egyptian civilization was narrow Town run by aristocratic factions and kings 2000 years = time it took Egypt to become a unified kingdom Religion and Culture spread up and down the Nile Knowledge of Egypt is only 200 years b/c of rosetta stone Culture is obsessed with death and highly religious 3050 BC began the Egyptian empire, Scorpion King 3500 BC Protodynastic- period when civilizations start to form Earliest evidence of writing is the Scorpion King Mase Narmer- Early Egyptian king, 1 st real king of a united Egypt King is all powerful and is involved with everyday life Narmer did not leave an heir. The first dynastic king was Aha. The official Title was King of Upper and Lower Egypt- Ma’at- order, everything that is good, stability, balance, harmony, wisdom, justice, truth
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Unformatted text preview: Everything that exists is existing for a purpose Represented by a feather Apophis represents chaos, symbolized by a serpent Egyptians believe in the regeneration of creation, not the end of time In order to preserve creation, the king must be equal to a god. Egyptians believed in multiple worlds. Ka- the existence of different dimensions, also your life force 4 pairs of gods who create the world Everything needs to be balanced between worlds The afterlife must be equivalent to the present life Function remains the same between death and life Our world is temporary and our ideal world is forever Ba- your essence, aka your purpose; it could be exchanged, process-wise Ka animates, Ba defines; life and creation in Egypt...
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