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Friendship Essay - Discuss Augustines attitudes toward...

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Discuss Augustine’s attitudes toward friendship. What are the qualities of true friendship? How do friends influence one another? Does friendship have any negative qualities? Augustine describes social outlook as one being truly inevitable by human beings. Friendship is essential to one’s own routine. Humans are naturally social beings. He discusses how when a baby first opens its eyes, it sees its parents and begins its first true friendship. The main characteristic that perfects us as humans is love, in which we can demonstrate unconditional love to all others around us. The qualities of true friendship are clearly expressed. First of all, there must be reciprocity. Friends must love one another and commit to each other for a friendship to exist. Equality and benevolence must also be enforced and practiced to create a lasting relationship. Truth must always be shared and accepted with utmost sincerity. Lastly, grace must be shown to friends when they commit a wrong act or deed. These five aspects of friendship truly mold the ideal relationship between friends.
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