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Grotesque - D iscuss the idea of grotesque in today's world...

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Discuss the idea of grotesque in today's world and how this idea has either changed, not changed, or been eliminated from today's society. Make references to the ideas presented in medieval grotesque, especially as they are portrayed in the Canterbury Tales and give examples from today's world that illustrate your position on this idea. Grotesque is as cacophonous as its meaning. A grotesque image implies something horribly exaggerated and malicious. In medieval times, the use of grotesque images helped satirize daily life’s problems and gossip. There has been no change whatsoever in its use in today’s world. Within the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer describes many characters in a grotesque form to ridicule their appearances and dilemmas. For example, one character is described to be gap- toothed and widely-hipped. This image infers a grotesquely obese woman with unflattering features. Chaucer would utilize stereotypes of his time to create humor and to reveal how true the stereotypes are actually represented in real life. More so, Chaucer uses grotesque
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