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What is the role of women in the Iliad? Does the poem contain any strong female characters, or do the acts and deeds of males dominate the work? In the Iliad, women played a vital role in the fate of the battles and the achievements. Both mortal and divine females helped to construct and sway each battle to their favor. They were given authority to control their sons and lovers in a way to please their desires. However, this does not reflect the role of women in Classical Greek life. The strong female characters include Hera, Helen, and Athena. Women are common within Greek literature and seem to symbolize the true wrath a woman can incur. Hera and Athena, using their cunning wit and sharp thinking, enforced their desires upon the male characters. For example, Hera incapacitated Zeus. They use trickery and deceit to force men to do their will. However, they are still conscious of the role fate plays in life and the ultimate doom of death. These women posses beauty and anticipate to ignite the carnal desires within men. With this advantage, Hera
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