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Unformatted text preview: What is the significance of the physical blindness of the prophet Tiresias? Is blindness an important and repeated symbolic motif in the plain? How can we interpret Oedipus's act of self-blinding? Is his physical blindness symbolically similar to or different from that of Tiresias? In the tale of Oedipus Rex, an ill-fated man becomes King of Thebes and unknowingly bears children with his mother. The story begins “in media res” which means already within the storyline. Throughout the tale, Oedipus searches for the man who killed the prior King of Thebes, which he ultimately discovers that he himself is the killer. However, the moment in which he realizes that he could be a possible suspect was in the scene involving Tiresias, a blind prophet. The fact that Tiresias was blinded did not detract, but actually enhance his message of caution. Tiresias’ blindness helped him see what could not be seen. His prophecies were mystical in the way that he utilized all his senses to communicate with the intangible. He knew Oedipus’s fate without even seeing him. The all his senses to communicate with the intangible....
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