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The Inferno contains a number of deliberately recurring images. Trace one of these images through the poem and make a claim about the meaning of the image. You may choose your own images after reading the text, or you may want to pursue one of the following suggestions: fire, water, the weather, metamorphoses, beasts, or poetry. Cite references to the text. Your initial post is due by Friday, June 25, and your follow up post is due by Sunday, June 27. Within the Divine Comedy can be found of the greatest fictional interpretations of the place we call Hell. Dante’s Inferno tells of the story of Dante entering Hell, guided by Virgil, one of the greatest philosophers of all time. He enters Hell in search of Beatrice, his love in the real world. Throughout the journey, Hell is arranged in nine circles, each one concerning with a different sin. Sin is embodied and represented by major celebrities and political figures of the era of Dante Alighieri. Within the first five circles of hell, the self-indulgent sins, one will find many famous figures of history.
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