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Final Page 1 - Name SID University of California Berkeley...

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Name_______________________________ SID___________________________________ Page 1 of 12 University of California, Berkeley – College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Summer 2011 Instructor: Neel Shah 2011-08-12 Last Name First Name Student ID Number Name of the person to your left Name of the person to your right All the work is my own. I had no prior knowledge of the exam contents nor will I share the contents with others in EE40 who have not taken it yet. I have not cleverly hidden notes and/or computational devices that give me an unfair advantage. (please sign) Instructions: You have 110 minutes to complete this exam, which we’ll start at 12:05 PM. Once time is out at 1:55 PM, we’ll announce that time is up, and you should stop writing immediately. The exact times will depend on when we can get everyone settled in. This test is open book and open notes. There are 10 bonus points built into the exam. There are 12 pages on the exam. All work should be on this exam. Don’t hand in random sheets of paper.
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