Lab 1 Soldering PCBs 1.6B

Lab 1 Soldering PCBs 1.6B - EE40 Lab 1 Soldering Practice...

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EE40 Lab 1: Soldering Practice 1 Soldering Practice LAB 1: SOLDERING PRACTICE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 40 INTRODUCTION TO MICROELECTRONIC CIRCUITS University Of California, Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Neel Shah, Josh Hug, Doug Williams, Vincent Lee, Linda Dai Lab Contents 1. Lab Objectives 2. Pre-Lab README.EE40 a. A Word of Caution b. About the Board 3. Lab Component Soldering the PCB a. Soldering Theory i. What Exactly is Soldering Anyways? ii. Soldering Equipment b. Soldering Procedure i. Surface Preparation ii. Component Placement iii. Apply Heat iv. Apply Solder and Remove Heat c. Some Words of Wisdom d. Your Assignment e. Lab Check Off 4. Lab Report Submissions 1 a. Image Citations 1 DUE JUNE 29 TH , 2011 at beginning of lab section YOUR NAME: YOUR SID: Lab Score: ___/50
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EE40 Lab 1: Soldering Practice EE40 Summer 2011 B. Muthuswamy, V. Lee 2 Lab Objectives In this lab, you will be soldering a portion of an audio filter board. Soldering is an important technique used to put together and “glue” circuit components permenantly together. This lab is designed to teach and familiarize you with various soldering techniques. Exactly WHAT we will be building will become clearer as you progress through the course. Since this is your first electronics class, we have already designed and fabricated the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for you. Your job will be to simply solder the correct components onto the board. The board we designed for you is intended to be completed in modules. We will slowly complete the rest of the board in subsequent labs. We will first explore the theory behind soldering and then learn the techniques that accompany the art of soldering. Pre-Lab - README.EE40 Welcome to your first lab in EE 40. It is very important that you read this section to get you started with this lab and get you oriented with the structure of all other labs that we will conduct throughout this course. Each lab will be composed of the following components: pre-lab and lab. For each lab you must complete the pre-lab before coming into your lab section or it is very possible that you will not finish the lab in the allotted time. Because the student per GSI ratio is unreasonably high, you cannot expect your GSI to walk you through the entire lab. Each lab is designed to feasible in the 3 hours lab section provided that you have completed the pre-lab and familiarized yourself with the document. For longer labs, we will allocate two lab sessions for you to complete your lab. If you have not read Lab 0, please do so now before you continue. A Word of Caution In this lab we will be using VERY HOT COMPONENTS, SUPPLIES THAT CONTAIN LEAD, AND LIQUID METAL. As precautionary measures, it is very important that you are aware of the hot objects such as the soldering iron, molten solder, and hot components so that you don’t burn yourself i .
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Lab 1 Soldering PCBs 1.6B - EE40 Lab 1 Soldering Practice...

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