Lab 2 Resistive Circuits Potentiometers and Solar Cells 1.8B

Lab 2 Resistive Circuits Potentiometers and Solar Cells...

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Lab 2: Resistive Circuits, Potentiometers, and Solar Cells 1 Resistive Circuits, Potentiometers, and Solar Cells LAB 2: RESISTIVE NETWORKS, POTENTIOMETERS, AND SOLAR CELLS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 40 INTRODUCTION TO MICROELECTRONIC CIRCUITS Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Neel Shah, Vincent Lee, Linda Dai, Hiroko Kawana Lab Contents I. Lab Objectives II. Pre-Lab: Introducing SPICE! And other stuff… a. Resistor Color Codes III. Lab Section: Resistive Networks, Potentiometers, and Solar Cells a. A Word of Caution b. Lab Equipment: Digital Multimeter (DMM), Power Supply, and Solderless Protoboards i. The Digital Multimeter ii. The Programmable Power Supply iii. Solderless Protoboard (Breadboard) c. Resistive Networks d. Resistor Voltage Divider e. Solar Cell IV. Lab Submissions 1 a. Image Citations 1 Due July 12 th , 2011 at beginning of lab section YOUR NAME: YOUR SID: YOUR PARTNER’S NAME: YOUR PARTNER’S SID: Pre-Lab: ___/25 Lab: ___/85 Total: ____/110
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Lab 2: Resistors, Potentiometers, And Solar Cells V. Lee, L. Dai, H. Kawana 2 Lab Objectives The pre-lab portion of this lab is intended to get you acquainted with the basics of circuit CAD ( C omputer A ided D esign) software. We will be using LTSpice as our primary tool to design and simulate the circuits we will build in the lab. This lab is intended to introduce you to basic electrical components, and to help you become familiar with electronic equipment that you will use to design, build, and test circuits. In this lab, we will start by analyzing resistive circuits, and work our way through potentiometers, and solar cells. There is no post-lab section for this lab or any of the following labs, however you are expected to complete all questions in these documents and turn it in as your lab report. You will have two sections to complete this lab. These labs must be completed in pairs , but only one lab report per team is required. When you make measurements, where appropriate, please use at least 2 to 3 decimal places. Pre-Lab: Introducing SPICE! and other stuff. LTSpice is a circuit CAD software where you can virtually prototype most of your circuits. It is a great tool that checks whether or not the schematic you drafted will work in practice. Simulating a prototype before building the actual circuit will save hours of debugging in the lab. (We’re going to warn you now, debugging your circuit in lab is probably more frustrating than a segmentation fault in CS61C). To minimize the amount of time you spending spinning your wheels, we will first simulate our circuits in LTSpice ’s simulation environment, and then build it when you arrive in the lab. Therefore, it is essential that before each lab, that you actually design and simulate your circuit in the simulator BEFORE coming to lab (otherwise you will NOT finish in the allotted three hours).
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Lab 2 Resistive Circuits Potentiometers and Solar Cells...

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