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Final Project 1.1 v3

Final Project 1.1 v3 - YOUR NAME YOUR SID YOUR PARTNERS...

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EE40: Final Project 1 Final Project FINAL PROJECT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 40 INTRODUCTION TO MICROELECTRONIC CIRCUITS University Of California, Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Neel Shah, Vincent Lee Lab Contents: I. Overview II. The Free-For-All Option III. The Structured Option IV. Project Deadlines a. Project Proposal b. Proposal Approval, Rejection, Or Feedback Returned c. Proposal Revisions d. Project Revisions Returned e. Project Parts List f. Project Parts Distributed g. FINAL PROJECT DUE DATE: AUGUST 10 TH , 2011 V. Project Proposals VI. Project Schematic VII. Assembling a Parts List VIII. Prototyping Phase IX. Grading X. Final Project Free-For-All Rubric Project Score: ___/250 YOUR NAME: YOUR SID: YOUR PARTNER’S NAME: YOUR PARTNER’S SID:
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EE40: Final Project EE40 Summer 2011 N. Shah, V. Lee 2 Overview For your final project you will have several options to choose from. Each option will focus heavily on design (after all it is a final project). For those of you who are ambitious and want to do a free form custom project, we encourage you to do so. If you fall into this category, we have a free-for-all option which is described below. For those of you who are not comfortable with the idea of having a free-for-all project, we have some more structured options for you to choose from. You will have 4 lab sections to build and complete your final project, however we want you to start thinking of what you would like to do as soon as possible. Please note that you will have to choose between the free-for-all project or the structured project option. Once you decide, you cannot change your mind because that will put you at a high risk of failing to complete the project. Exceptional circumstances will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Both projects are worth the same number of points. Also be aware of the timeline for the project. Because summer session moves at twice the speed of the regular semester, the project timeline is also accelerated. If you miss critical deadlines, you may be unable to complete the project. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MISS CRITICAL DEADLINES . The Structured Option If you find the idea of having a free-for-all option too intimidating or repulsive for whatever reason, we have a couple of other options for you to choose from. If you choose to do the structured option, you will be required to submit to your TA which option you choose so that we can prepare for you the necessary kit components. You will not be allowed to alter your decision once the deadline has passed. 1 The following are a few options that we lab documents for: Amplitude Modulation Transmitter and Receiver Music Toybox (completing the board we soldered) 2 Additional project options TBA The Free-For-All Option For the Free-for-All option (FFA option) you will get to build anything that you want as long as it is within reason and not exorbitantly expensive (we cannot buy solid state lasers or flying saucers for you). If you choose to do the FFA, you will be required to submit a proposal which we will review for you. If it gets approved, we will then collect
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