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ch-25-guided-reading - paraphyletic and polyphyletic –...

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Adapted from L. Miriello by S. Sharp AP Biology Name __________________________ Guided Reading Chapter 25 This chapter can be a bit difficult as we are extending and learning new ways to view classification. There are those who see the future of taxonomy abandoning the kingdom – phylum – class, etc. system altogether. This chapter introduces classifications with a greater understanding of molecular biology. A study help is in learning the vocabulary at the inception of the unit. 1. Define the following terms: a. Phylogeny b. Systematics c. Molecular systematics d. Homoplasies e. Taxonomy f. Binomial nomenclature g. Phylogenetic trees h. Cladogram i. Clade j. Cladistics k. Shared primitive character l. Shared derived character Page 1 of 2
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Adapted from L. Miriello by S. Sharp 2. Use the following blank diagram to compare and explain monophyletic,
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Unformatted text preview: paraphyletic and polyphyletic – include the definition of each term in your diagram 3. What is the relationship between the ingroup and the outgroup in classification? 4. What is the difference in the meaning between the lengths of lines in a phylogram and ultrametric tree? 5. Look up the term parsimony in the dictionary and write its definition here: 6. How is this applied to understanding evolution – what is the principle of maximum parsimony and the principle of maximum likelihood? 7. What is the difference between orthologous genes and paralogous genes? 8. What is the concept of a molecular clock and how is it useful? 9. What domains have been agreed upon? Page 2 of 2...
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ch-25-guided-reading - paraphyletic and polyphyletic –...

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