ch-27-guided-reading - energy sources carbon sources and an...

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DHS AP BIOLOGY AP Biology Name ____________________ Chapter 27 Guided Reading 1. What are the three most common shapes of prokaryotes? 2. How does a cell wall help a prokaryote survive? (three ways) 3. Define the following terms: a. Peptidoglycan b. Gram stain c. Gram-positive d. Gram-negative e. Capsule f. Fimbriae g. Pili 4. Explain the movement of prokaryotes. (Be sure to include taxis) 5. Where do prokaryotes store their chromosome? Page 1 of 3
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DHS AP BIOLOGY 6. What is the purpose of having a plasmid and why is this essential? 7. Describe the process of the creation of an endospore and why this helps the prokaryote. 8. Discuss a few ways in which prokaryotes adapt to their environment. 9. Explain in detail the different modes of nutrition in a prokaryote. Be sure to include
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Unformatted text preview: energy sources, carbon sources, and an example of the organism that uses this mode. 10.Compare and contrast the three metabolic relationships to oxygen. 11.How does nitrogen fixation help prokaryotes become mostly self-sufficient? 12.Give an example of metabolic cooperation. Page 2 of 3 DHS AP BIOLOGY 13.Compare and contrast the three domains, bacteria, archaea and eukarya. 14.Define the following terms a. Biofilms b. Extremophiles c. Extreme thermophiles d. Extreme haplophiles e. Methanogens f. decomposers 15.Describe, in full, all symbiotic relationships. 16. Compare and contrast exotoxins and endotoxins. 17.Explain bioremediation and how it helps nature by using prokaryotes. Page 3 of 3...
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ch-27-guided-reading - energy sources carbon sources and an...

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