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Password Cracking Lab Linux Overview In this lab, students will create user accounts with various passwords on a Linux Virtual Machine. Students will then make a copy of the password file, and copy it to the host system, which is a Windows XP system. Students will use a tool called “John the Ripper” to crack the passwords stored in this file. Students will gain experience with all three techniques that John the Ripper uses: dictionary attack, hybrid attack, and combination attack. Instructions 1. Starting up the Linux Virtual Machine a. Open up VMWare by going to Start VMWare VMWare Workstation b. Click on the Fedora Core 12 line under the “Favorites” Panel on the Left-hand side. c. Under Commands, select “Start this Virtual Machine.” d. Wait the lengthy process until the Linux virtual machine starts up. It will have completely started up when you get a prompt for a user name. If at any time, you need the cursor back at the main system, press the CTRL and ALT keys at the same time. e. Once the Linux virtual machine has started up, enter root as the username and pswd as the password. 2. Installing VMTools a. We need VM tools installed so that you are able to copy the password file out of the virtual machine and onto the Windows system. b. Start up the Linux Virtual Machine. c. At the login prompt, enter root as the username and pswd for the password d. Press CTRL-ALT to gain the cursor back to the host machine. e. Go to the menu and go to VM Install VM Tools… Press Install f. Click on the linux screen to get back to the Linux virtual machine. g.
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CIS403_Linux_Windows_Password_Crack - Password Cracking Lab...

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