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CIS403_MAC_Address_Security - Add Move and Change MAC...

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Add, Move, and Change MAC Addresses Objective Create and verify a basic switch configuration. Move a PC from one switch port to another and add a new PC to the switch. Background/Preparation Cable a network similar to the one in the diagram. The configuration output used in this lab is produced from a 2950 series switch. Any other switch used may produce different output. The following steps are to be executed on each switch unless specifically instructed otherwise. Instructions are also provided for the 1900 Series switch, which initially displays a User Interface Menu. Select the “Command Line” option from the menu to perform the steps for this lab. Start a HyperTerminal session. Step 1 Configure the switch Configure the hostname, access and command mode passwords, as well as the management VLAN settings. These values are shown in the chart. If problems occur while performing this configuration, refer to the Basic Switch Configuration lab. Step 2 Configure the hosts attached to the switch Configure the hosts to use the same IP subnet for the address, mask, and default gateway as on the switch. There is a third host needed for this lab. It needs to be configured with the address The subnet mask is and the default gateway is Do not connect this PC to the switch yet. Step 3 Verify connectivity a. To verify that the hosts and switch are correctly configured, ping the switch IP address from the hosts. b. Were the pings successful? Yes c. If the answer is no, troubleshoot the hosts and switch configurations. Step 4 Record the MAC addresses on the hosts
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a. To determine and record the layer 2 addresses of the PC network interface cards enter the following. If running Windows 98, check by using
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CIS403_MAC_Address_Security - Add Move and Change MAC...

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