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CIS403 Mid-Term 1. What are the basic conditions that must be fulfilled to claim a copyright? 1) The proposed work is original. 2) The creator has put his original idea into a concrete form, such as hard copy (paper), software, or multimedia form. 2. What rights does a copyright confer? 1) reproduction rights, modification rights, distribution rights, public- performance rights, and public display rights. 3. Briefly describe the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 1) It is an extension of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties. Encourages copyright owners to use technology means to protect copyright works. It makes it unlawful to try to create devices that will remove the protection format and/or bypass the protection format. 4. What is digital rights management? 1) Is a systems and procedures that will make sure that the holders for digital rights, (makers of the product), are clearly identified and receive the stipulated payment for their works. 5. Describe the principle categories of users of digital rights management systems. 1) Content Provider: the entity that holds the digital rights of the content and wants to protect these rights. 2) Distributer: Provides a distribution channel such as an online shop or web retailer. 3) Consumer: Uses the system to access the digital content by retrieving downloadable or streaming content through the distribution channel and then paying for the digital license. 4) Clearinghouse: Handles the financial transaction for issuing the digital license to the consumer and pays royalty fees to the content provider and distribution fees to the distributor accordingly. 6. what are the key principles embodied in the EU Directive on Data Protection? 1) Notice : Organizations must notify individuals what personal information they are collecting, the use of that information, and what choices the individual may have. 2)
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CIS403_mid_term - CIS403 Mid-Term 1 What are the basic...

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