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Standard ACLs Objective Plan, configure, and apply a standard ACL to permit or deny specific traffic and test the ACL to determine if the desired results were achieved. Scenario The company home office in Gadsden (GAD) provides services to branch offices such as the Birmingham (BHM) office. These offices have some minor security and performance concerns. Standard ACL need to be implemented as a simple and effective tool to control traffic Infrastructure Host #3 represents the kiosk station that needs to have its access limited to the local network. Host #4 represents another host in the Birmingham office Loopback 0 on the GAD router represents the Internet. Step 1 Basic Router Interconnection a. Interconnect the routers as shown in the diagram. Step 2 Basic Configuration a. The router may contain configurations from a previous use. For this reason, erase the startup configuration and reload the router to remove any residual configurations. Using the information previously in the tables, setup the router and host configurations and verify reachablilty by pinging all systems and routers from each system. b. To simulate the Internet, add the following configuration to the GAD router.
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GAD(config)# interface loopback0 GAD(config-if)# address GAD(config-if)# exit GAD(config)# router rip GAD(config-router)# network GAD(config-if)# ^z Step 3 Establish Access List Requirements a. The kiosk station (host 3) needs to have its access limited to the local network. It is determined that a standard access list needs to be created to prevent traffic from this host from reaching any other networks. The access control list should block traffic from this host and not affect other traffic from this network. Using a standard IP ACL is adequate for as it filters based on the source address to any destination. What source address of the kiosk? _ SM of Step 4 Plan the Access List Requirements a. As with any project, the most important part of the process is the planning. First, the information needed to create the ACL need to be defined. An access list is made up a series of ACL statements. Each of these statements adds sequentially to the ACL. Since the list will consist of more than one statement, the order of the statement needs to be planned carefully. b. It has been determined that for this ACL will require 2 logical steps. Each of these steps can be
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CIS403_Standard_ACL_Expanded_L06 - Standard ACLs Objective...

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