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Windows XP Security Template Lab: The purpose of this lab is to introduce you to procedures that will lock down Windows XP using various pre-defined Security Templates. This lab is to be performed only on your Windows XP workstation. Your deliverables should be the answers to all questions asked and only the first few pages of the NG Scoring Tool’s report. PLEASE DON’T PRINT ALL THE PAGES, AS MUCH OF THE INFORMATION IS REDUNDANT! FOR REFERENCE: You are going to be working with various security template files. To install a template file, you right click on the .inf and choose install. After you restart your machine, the security template will be applied. For example, to reapply the “setup security” template, go to c:\windows\security\templates, right click on the “setup security.inf” file and click install. Also to be on the safe side create a restore point that you can go back to before you start. Microsoft Built-In Security Templates 1. Open the Microsoft Management Console and add the Security Templates Snapin. 2. Examine the compatws template, the securews template, and the hisecws template (as a note, the *ws templates are for use with workstations, the *dc templates are for use with domain controllers). a. Summarize the key features of each template. How do the templates differ
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CIS403_Windows_Client_Security_LAB - Windows XP Security...

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