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Unformatted text preview: Security Compliance Management Toolkit Release Notes February 2009 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Contents 1. Download and on-line locations for the Security Compliance Management Toolkit 2. Brief description of the Security Compliance Management Toolkit 3. Getting started 4. Contents of download package 6. Copyright and license agreement 6 7. Windows Vista Security Guide Release Notes 7. Windows XP Security Guide Release Notes 8. Windows Server 2008 Security Guide Release Notes 9. Windows Server 2003 Security Guide Release Notes 10. 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide Release Notes 11. GPOAccelerator Release Notes 12. Security Compliance Management Release Notes 1. Download and on-line locations for the Security Compliance Management Toolkit The Security Compliance Management Toolkit is free on Microsoft TechNet and the Microsoft Download Center . 2. Brief description of the Security Compliance Management Toolkit The Solution Accelerators Security and Compliance (SA-SC) team developed the security guides included in this suite to provide you with recommendations for hundreds of Group Policy security settings designed to assist customers in making the environments of their organizations more secure. In the past, deploying the prescribed security guidance was a long and tedious process that involved multiple manual steps. Correctly deploying the security guidance, even in a test environment, could take hours. The updated guides include tools and templates that take advantage of built-in features in Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office applications to enable users to deploy all the prescribed settings efficiently. This guide has been reviewed and tested by Microsoft engineering teams, consultants, support engineers, partners, and customers in an effort to make it: Proven Based on field experience. Authoritative Offers the best advice available. Accurate Technically validated and tested. Actionable Provides the steps to success. Relevant Addresses real-world security concerns. As in the previous releases of these security guides, each guide describes the following two environments: Enterprise Client (EC) In this environment organizations seek to balance security and functionality. Typical security-conscious enterprises, government departments, and other organizations should start with the EC setting recommendations and customize them to meet their individual circumstances and requirements. Specialized Security - Limited Functionality (SSLF) In this environment, organizations maintain very stringent security standards. Concern for security is so great that a significant loss of functionality and manageability is acceptable. SSLF setting recommendations are designed for organizations and departments with national security responsibilities or that handle highly classified information....
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CIS403_Windows_Server_Security_Compliance_LAB - Security...

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