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Eric Walker Mr. Trevethan CIS410 July 28, 2011 "Bad Traffic Analysis" In this exercise we will examine some network traffic that has encountered errors. In the process we will see how effective WireShark can be as a troubleshooting tool Lab Setup You will need a computer running WireShark. Task 1: Analyzing a failed dns transaction. Open the the dnsfault.cap file in WireShark. What is the purpose of frames 1 and 2? To find out what device is holding the IP addresses and A dns query is sent to the dns server in Frame 3. What response is the client expecting? The client is expecting an answer to the query of what is the IP address of ftpcorp1.nai. What is the response? The response of destination unreachable was sent to the client. What is the most likely cause of this error? That the DNS service is down, or that the network connection to the ISP is down. How would you resolve the problem? Try to reach another destination. If that fails as well then check with the ISP. It is clear that the entire process is repeated in Frames 5 through 9.
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CIS410_Network_Traffic_problems - E ric Walker Mr....

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