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Ch 1 - CHAPTER1 0 1 2 CareerOpportunities...

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CHAPTER 1 An Overview of Financial Management 0. Career Opportunities 1. Goals of the Corporation 2. Agency Relationships Career Opportunities in Finance 0. Money and capital markets – Banking, Investment Banking 1. Investments 2. Financial management Responsibility of the Financial Staff 3. Maximize stock value by: 0. Forecasting and planning 1. Investment and financing decisions 2. Coordination and control 3. Transactions in the financial markets 4. Managing risk Financial Goals of the Corporation 4. The primary financial goal is shareholder wealth maximization,  which translates to maximizing stock price. 5. Do firms have any responsibilities to society at large? 6. Is stock price maximization good or bad for society? 7. Should firms behave ethically? Is stock price maximization the same as profit maximization? 1
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5. No, despite a generally high correlation amongst stock price, EPS,  and cash flow.
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