dehydration - Water is a very important in the function of...

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Water is a very important in the function of the body. We need to drink at least eight glasses a day to get the required amount of water that is required for the body. An adult body is composed of nearly 60 percent of water and this would show you why the body parts, such as the kidneys, liver, and other organs can not function without water. When you are not drinking the right amount of water it could lead to dehydration which is where the body is lacking the water it needs to operate. In some cases dehydration could be life threating if not caught early. So to avoid this from happening they recommend that at least eight glasses of water are drank a day. All body tissue contains water to some degree. Water found inside cells is referred to as intracellular fluid while water located outside cells is known as extracellular fluid. Extracellular fluids make up most of the bodies total water weight. One important factor to understand about the water inside the body is that water is an ever moving, working part of our system. Upon the body recognizing the need for extra water in one area the body will move the water, through a process of osmosis, from an area that has a higher concentration. Blood pressure assists the process of osmosis with moving water to different areas of the body. Water plays a role in many body functions. As a solvent water assists in dissolving substances needed for proper functioning including: glucose, amino acids, and minerals. Additionally water aids metabolism, and plays a role in joining molecules breaking apart. Water also lubricates and cleanses the body, both internally and externally. Water also acts as a shock absorber to joints and eyeballs. The body’s blood supply is likely the most obvious role of water in the body as the water helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to
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dehydration - Water is a very important in the function of...

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