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Jacqueline Reyes Professor Jackson 4/11/11 BIO101 Sharks in Mexican Waters The article “Giant sharks swarm in waters off Mexico” by Jim Tharpe talks about the gathering of whale sharks that has caused a new phenomenon to scientist. Whale sharks are known to swim alone through “thousands of miles of open water in search of food and mates” (Tharpe). Whale sharks are neither harmful nor dangerous, luckily for humans whale sharks feed on planktons and small fish eggs. Known as one of the biggest sharks in the sea, they mostly live in tropical areas, and occasionally appear in small groups, known as a school, for a large feeding (National Geographic). So when the event known as afuera occurred, in where these large sharks gathered in clear waters, it surprised many scientists. During this event, the whale sharks swam around on the surface having “their massive mouths agape, vacuuming up a feast of tiny fish eggs in a chaotic slow-moving feeding frenzy” (Tharpe). The reason why this was a fascinating experience for biologist to experience is because the whale sharks were feeding outside their usual feeding grounds, an area that wouldn’t be common for them to be seen, usual whale sharks are not commonly seen, so not much about
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Bio Lab Article Project - Jacqueline Reyes Professor...

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