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Small Groups Presenation - Elijah Chege COMM 1100 Ms....

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Elijah Chege COMM 1100 Ms. Mayberry Group Presentation December 03, 2009 America is dubbed the greatest nation on Earth, the wealthiest of the free world. Sadly, millions of American boys and girls are going to bed every night with little or nothing in their bellies! Nevertheless according to the Economic Policy Institute, the U.S. Government does relatively little to lessen child poverty rates. A report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reveals the highest levels of food insecurity observed since nationally representative food security surveys initiated in 1995. That report shows that in 2008, 17 million households did not have access to enough food to fully meet their basic needs due to lack of financial resources. This is an increase from 13 million households in 2007. The situation is made even worse by the current economic recession and financial meltdown when breadwinners of so many families have lost their jobs and as a result cannot provide for their families. The federal government reports that nearly 700,000 poor children in the United States alone, directly experience hunger, and more than 12 million children live in low-income families that suffer from food insecurity, which means they struggle to meet their daily nutritional needs. In
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Small Groups Presenation - Elijah Chege COMM 1100 Ms....

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