Intro to Psych, Module 1

Intro to Psych, Module 1 - History & Science of...

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The Roots of Psychology What is Psychology? The SCIENCE of behavior (actions) and mental processes (thoughts and feelings). Greek Thinkers equated mind and soul influence of the Divine was assumed Plato introduced the term “psyche” meaning both mind and soul thought people were imprinted with all knowledge learning was a matter of unlocking the knowledge the Tripartite mind: intellectual center, spiritual center, appetitive center Healthy minds balance the 3 centers The First Psychologist: Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) Believed mind was the reason for body to exist o mind could exist independent of the body First known psychological text: Para Psyche Three types of souls: animal, plant, human o only the human soul could reason and create Proposed how to study reasoning o Is the need to be “good” about personal happiness or divine will? o id = desire; what we would call emotion – based on the present o ego = reason; what we would call rationality – based on the future o libido (urge to reproduce) overrode all others o When desire overrode reason, bad actions were the result Renaissance era thinking Dualism humans are mind and body mind is non-physical the mind-body problem: how can thoughts come from the physical structures on which they depend? René Descartes (1596 – 1650)
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Intro to Psych, Module 1 - History & Science of...

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