EXAM-II-AirIntro_2008_Spring Solution

EXAM-II-AirIntro_2008_Spring Solution - ENV 4101 Elements...

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ENV 4101 Elements of Air Pollution /ENV 5105 Foundations of Air Pollution Midterm II (04/02/2008) Time: 115 min (10:40 am - 12:35 pm), no extension . There are 2 parts in this exam. Part I , consisting of 10 questions weighing 14% of the total score, is a close-book, close-note exam. It is to test your conceptual understanding of the subjects covered in the course. You can expect to answer the questions without using a calculator. Short answers are expected. Part II , composed of 3 questions accounting for 49% of the total score, is an open-book, open-note exam. This part is to test your engineering capability of problem solving. You are expected to be able to select and use the right equations for a given scenario. You get Part I in the beginning of the exam. Once you have turned in your answer sheets for Part I, you can pick up Part II from the TA. You are NOT allowed to retrieve your answer sheets once you have turned them in. You decide how much time you want to allocate for each part. If you need additional information that is not included in the problems, make an assumption but justify it. You get partial credit for what you know. You are advised to read all questions first (in each part) in order to decide where to start. You are NOT required to solve the problems according to the order they appear. There is NO rule that you can NOT start from the bonus questions. Good luck and enjoy the exam! I, _____________________ (print) , understand that in this exam: (a) Part I is a close- book and close-note exam; and (b) Part II is an open-book, open-note exam and I can use any equipment such as a laptop for this part of exam but no discussion is allowed. I swear that I did the exam independently at the designated location without discussing any question with any other person during the exam. I swear that I will NOT reveal the questions to any other person after the exam. _______________________ (sign) ___________________________ (date)
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Name: ____________________ PART I 1. (a) Plot the 3-zone Hadley cells, and briefly describe the air flow patterns. (b) Explain why trade wind (prevailing wind in the tropics) in the northern hemisphere is dominantly northeast. (5%) Ans: (a) Hot air rising in the equator cools and descends at around 30 o latitude. Cold air descending at the pole gets warmed as it moves southward and then rises at around 60 o latitude. The descending air at 30 o latitude also moves northward and gets warmed up. It meets the wind from the polar region and arises. (b) The descending air at 30 o latitude moves southward toward the equator. However, due to the Coriolis Effect, it deflects westward. Hence, for a person standing on the ground in the tropical region, the wind comes from northeast. 2.
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EXAM-II-AirIntro_2008_Spring Solution - ENV 4101 Elements...

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