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HOMEWORK 1 (DUE 01/30 at 10:40 am at class) 1. 2. Q1.8 (8%) 3. Q1.11 (10%) 4. 5. Q2.10 & Q2.22 (12%) 6. Q2.12 (10%) 7. 8. What is the vapor pressure of Hg at 25 o C in μ g/m 3 and in ppb? (12%) 9. What is the aerosol size with unit density that has a settling velocity of 0.3 cm/s? Assume standard conditions. (6%) 10. If the temperature increases from 20 o C to 60
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Unformatted text preview: o C, how much does it affect the diffusion coefficient of a 1 m aerosol (in %)? How much is the change in air viscosity (in %)? (10%) 11. Air at 35 o C is 70% saturated. Find its dew point temperature, moisture content and heat content. If the air is cooled down to 20 o C, how much moisture is condensed per kg of dry air and how much heat is released per kg of dry air? (18%)...
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